Hi, my name is Daniel! 

I'm glad you're here. Welcome to my website! I started this website years ago and while it's gone through many iterations and redesigns, it's purpose has remained steady. I've always enjoyed writing, but for a long time everyone told me I sucked at it. Teachers, friends, girlfriends, etc and I listened to them. When I finally stopped giving a 💩 what other people thought, I started writing. And enjoying it. And getting better at it.

Now, I love writing. I believe that my life, the things I've been through, learned and continue to learn can benefit others. Whether you found my site via my social media, YouTube channel, or just by chance I hope you enjoy what you find and that you'll come back.

I've made a lot of mistakes. I've done stupid things. Been without a full-time job. Married a beautiful woman and gotten by on less than $30K/year, made friends, lost friends, lost money, and learned from every experience. I'm obsessed with self-development and helping other maximize their potential. Whether it's as grand as helping you establish your dream lifestyle or gritty as helping you figure out how to make an extra $500 this month I want to do whatever I can help you take a step forward and get better. 

In the last few years I've been enabled by incredible bosses and supportive coworkers who have allowed me the opportunity to do some great things:

  • Managed a $120,000 annual advertising budget
  • Helped raise $50,000 in profit for a charity golf tournament
  • Launched an annual conference for mentors (150+ attendees every year)
  • Self-published a book (not written by me) and marketed it resulting in $25,000+ in sales in just a couple months.
  • Helped expand a small business from 1 location to 3.
  • Acted as creative director for a company rebrand
  • Helped launch successful a YouTube show and podcast 
  • Spoke at a small business conference on video trends in marketing in Austin
  • Startup I worked for acquired by a Fortune 500 company
  • Launched my own LLC for marketing consulting, holdings and investments
  • Acquired AR/WE Sweden Watch Company in January 2018
  • And plenty more.

I hope you'll stick around & join our community. 

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