2 Weeks Without Social Media

A couple quick things before I dive in to the main event. It's Christmas Eve so Merry Christmas Eve! 

Knowing that I'll be eating a significant amount of food in the next 48 hours, I woke up and went for a run this morning. I've been slacking a bit and not running as consistently as I want (2-3 times/week instead of 4-6 times) for the last two weeks. So this morning I sucked it up and went for a 5 mile run. The weather warmed up just enough to make it pleasant. It took me just over 50 minutes to do the five miles and I had minimal cramping or pain. That's a good sign of progress for me. I took some time to stretch when I get home and I'm hoping that will help.


Now for the actual blog post.

I’ve realized something in the last couple weeks without social media. I was allowing it to control me instead of managing it for myself. I felt guilted and obligated to follow people just because they’re friends or because they’re work contacts. There's also this unspoken pressure that comes with social media to say something wise, hilarious, or intelligent every time you post. It's exhausting and makes me feel like I can't be myself because I have to be something else for others.

I've also discovered just because someone is a good friend, DOES NOT mean they are good at tweeting, posting on Instagram, or sharing something on Facebook.

Here's the key to that statement.

It's MY opinion.

I want to use social media to learn and grow personally and professionally. Occasionally I want to laugh, but I want to be inspired more than anything. Most of my friends don't have inspiring social media accounts. It may be a harsh truth, but we’re all inspired by different things. Most of the inspiration I get from my friends comes from our in-person interactions in small moments. NOT from their tweets and instagram posts. I follow most of my friends on social media to keep up with their lives. What if I did that with them over coffee instead? I could keep up with their life AND hear about the things they're struggling with. We could get vulnerable and real and not just live on the surface.

If and when I come back to social media, I will most likely purge the list of people I follow and curate a feed that reflects who I am and who I want to be in the future. I'd much rather have coffee or lunch with most of the people I know than follow them on social media anyway.

Merry Christmas!