✌️ Out 2016

2016 has been a year to forget in almost every way. Except finding out I'm going to be a dad.

In March, I turned 26. There's absolutely no significance other than the impending doom of turning 30. In four more years. 

In May, I got t-boned. My almost 10-year-old, paid-off car got totaled and I went without a car for two months (by choice). 

In June, a large storm knocked an enormous tree limb down in my yard (actually hanging over the driveway) and I had to pay to have it removed.

In July, my house got struck by lightning and fried a bunch of electrical wires in my home. A couple thousand dollars later and I could use the lights in our master bathroom again!

A shelf fell down in our closet and ripped a chunk of sheetrock out in the process.

My lawn mower wheel got totaled and I had to pay to replace it.

Last week I noticed some new markings on the ceiling of our guest bathroom and it turns out the roof is leaking and needs $1500 worth of repairs.

On top of all of this, I feel less than stellar about my performance at work this year.

I know I've done some great things for our company and helped move us further down the field. We've matured as a company in the last year, but one of the biggest things I wanted to be a part of was generating new business. 

We're a small company and lead generation is our life blood.

Unfortunately, what I've discovered is the things that worked to generate leads in my old job do not translate to my current role at all. My old company tries to reach people all over the country for a specific purpose. My new company is trying to reach businesses and schools using Apple products, which statistically speaking is less than 15% of the business market in the U.S. We're then restricted even further in that our business is geographically constricted to the places we can provide onsite support (ie Atlanta, Nashville, and their surroundings).

Typical forms of lead generation just haven't worked for us. That's been a tremendous disappointment to me. I've had to rack my brain to figure out what else is worth trying to generate leads to help our business not only continue to exist, but to thrive. I haven't cracked the code yet, and for an achiever like myself, who thrives on getting things done, it has been a frustrating year.

Through all that 2016 has thrown my way and as dejected as I've felt at times, I'm grateful for the bigger picture. As down and out as I've felt at times during this year, I know there are far greater things ahead. My faith keeps me grounded while reminding me that if this is as bad as it gets for me, it's really not all that bad. I'm sure I'll have lower lows and higher highs in the years to come.

I'm grateful for the lessons perspective can teach us.

I'm also grateful 2017 is almost here. After all, 2017 is the year I become a dad!