Accepting Failure

I'm extremely competitive. I'm one of those few people who hates to lose as much or more than I love to win. It's a bit of a curse. Yet, it's also a blessing in that I am always driven to work harder and be better.

Recently, I offered to help a friend run a giveaway via his blog and vlog. It tied in well with his endeavors and  based on my previous experience I thought we could get him some great results. The primary goal was to boost the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel. Having done a giveaway in the past that resulted in 1,000+ new subscribers to a YouTube channel, I felt this was a reasonable goal.

However, it quickly became apparent that not all giveaways are equal.

The quick version of this story is that I failed. I offered up a certain expectation and we didn't come anywhere near reaching those goals.

That feeling freaking sucks. It sucks even more when you're trying to perform for someone else and you feel as if you've let them down.

I've seen this coming for well over a month and just ignored it so I wouldn't have to deal with it.

Today, I accepted my failure and confronted it head on. I apologized to my friend. I took ownership of the failure. But it doesn't taste any less bitter. I hate failing.

Hate it. BUT, it was a great learning experience for both of us.

I think we both learned a lot and there are a few positive things that came out of us working together.

Projects either go well and make everyone happy (and you learn from the outcomes) or they go poorly and people are upset (and you can learn from the outcomes). Either way, it's a learning experience.

I think my biggest lesson here is that I should own up to failure earlier. I saw this outcome headed my way weeks and weeks ago, but I just ignored it. I should have cut our losses long ago and saved us both some time and money. In the long run, I believe that cutting those losses earlier would have results in a more pleasing outcome for us both. We both would have saved time and money (which are incredibly valuable resources).

In the future, I'm going to grow a pair and do what needs to be done WHEN it needs to be done. I can't keep shying away from conflict and discomfort. That will NEVER get me closer to my life goals.