Friendships are a funny thing. 

Often they don't make much rational sense. Two people from different places with radically different interests and lifestyles find themselves bonded together through some commonality.

Yet, there are times in life where we seem to find ourselves drifting towards and away from others. It's painful to drift away from friends.

It is also natural.

Just as the wind sometimes seems to sweep people in to our lives it can also blow some out to sea.

I've struggled with friendships since graduating college. I think most people my age experience something similar. How do I make friends? It was so much easier when we all lived together and did fun stuff all the time. It's much more difficult when we live far apart and there's not something going on every single day.

But the biggest lesson I've learned is that some people drift away. They may be in a different stage of life or living a different lifestyle that pulls you apart. It is not bad.

You'll still have moments with those people on the sporadic and rare occasions you see each other. Instead of stressing, I've discovered the best remedy is to relish those moments. 

Instead of reliving the old days, relish these new glory days. You may only see each other 3 or 4 times a year, but they are just as sweet now as they were back when you lived 10 feet apart.

You can try and force more interactions aside from those 3-4 times, but often you'll find the encounters awkward and the authenticity missing.

I'm learning to stop controlling and orchestrating so much and to enjoy every moment as it comes.