I spend a lot of time thinking in metaphors. It is my belief there is a lot of value in distilling complex ideas and situations down to more simple illustrations.  More often than not I come up with terrible, inaccurate explanations, but I believe this is a muscle that over time I'll continue to grow and strengthen.

Recently, I was trying to think of what it is that bothers me about successful people creating resources to help others follow in their footsteps. To be transparent, I think it bothers me to an extent because I perceive myself as having less success at this point in life. However, I also think there is some legitimacy to my annoyance.

I think a lot of us end up on the same plateaus. We all have ideas we want to pursue, but we're often left feeling helpless. To me it seems as though that feeling of helplessness comes from feeling inadequate, incapable of defining action steps, or establishing the necessary resources. 

It's a fact that certain people are able to break free from the constraints of the plateau where most of us spend so much time. We regularly see people who suddenly take off like they've discovered a personal Iron Man suit and they ascend to the next plateau. The problem most of us regular people encounter is wondering, "where the heck did that Iron Man suit come from? And where can I get one?" 

It's not obvious what happened when others ascend to the next level. But as soon as they arrive, they look down and start yelling for us to join them. "Just do what I did," they shout down, not understanding that we have no idea how to replicate that success. It's almost like they've been Tony Stark in secret and building this incredible suit to help them evolve to the next stage, but unwilling to share their secrets and resources. 

What I'm coming to discover is that we're all responsible for building our own Iron Man suits. It doesn't have to be flashy or over powering. In fact, it's most likely going to resemble the original Iron Man suit built in a cave in remote Afghanistan. It's going to break apart and shatter as we fight to reach the next plateau, but all people will see is that you succeeded enough to move forward. It's not easy. You'll have limited resources, tons of mind-numbingly hard work, and often you'll have to do a lot of the work by yourself. Most important of all, when you get to the next level you are going to have to start over from ground zero and rebuild. But with any luck, you'll keep growing for the rest of your life