I'm Quitting Social Media

I’m quitting social media.

For the rest of this month and presumably all of 2017, I’ll be deleting my personal social media accounts from my phone and asking my wife to change my passwords. I’ll still manage a couple of accounts for work, but most of that will be done via a scheduling tool called Buffer.

While I’m away I plan to focus more time and effort on things I truly enjoy like writing and creating videos. I’d love if you would stay connected by commenting on my blogs, commenting on my YouTube channel, or even sending me an email if you feel inclined. I’ll be monitoring those channels.

I decided to make these changes because I feel like social media is stealing from me.

It became painfully clear during the election season that while Twitter and Facebook could bring me laughter, they also bring constant anxiety and tension. I believe Facebook brings out the worst in a lot of people and I don’t want to see people at their worst. I want to believe the best instead.

Twitter is a source information overload for me. It’s exhausting as everyone is always trying to say something valuable, or wise, or funny. And it started to become a rat race for me. Instead of being myself, I was constantly working to try and impress others.

I know the same is true for Instagram. Instagram is ALL about posturing and showing people snippets of your life. But it’s limited to the curated, beautiful parts of life. I’m tired of that. I’m tired of the nonstop selfies and the over glorification and the bs. I need a break. To remember the real things in life.

There are a few people I follow on social media who consistently keep their posts real and painful and honest. They are a minority. In most scenarios, social media has stolen joy from my life and I’ve allowed it to manipulate me.

Social media has stolen tons of my time. Time I will never get back. My recent post about becoming an expert in a year hurt me. It’s the idea that if you spend an hour or more practicing a skill every day for a year, then in one year, you can become an expert. I’ve been using social media every day for years. Sure, those skills have helped me with work stuff, but does it really add depth to my life?

What if quitting social media gives me back 1-2 hours every day? What if I can take that time and instead dedicate it to learning a new skill over the next year that can really change my life? I’d rather find out than continue to do the same old stuff.

Lastly, I feel like social media steals from my mental peace. If I scroll through Twitter or Instagram, I end up feeling mentally full. It's like there's a constant buzzing in my head. There’s so much information for me to process (that doesn’t really add direct value to my life) and I allow it to overwhelm me. I’m tired of letting my mental energy be sapped by something trivial. I’d much rather expend my brain power on things that matter.

As I said, with my extra time I'm committing to writing every day. I'll also be working through a list of skills/things I want to learn in the coming weeks. I'll use that time to determine a skill I want to train towards every day over the next year. I really hope you'll come engage with me on the blog, or YouTube, or via email. I love authentic conversations and I welcome you to reach out at any time!

Thanks for reading!