What I Learned in 2016 (Part 2)

6. People will always let you down. Our nature is imperfect. When we lower our expectations of others, it becomes less likely that we'll be let down. It is possible to hope for the best and expect less.

7. Nutrition is the only thing standing in the way of me having the physique I desire. I've always dreamed of being fit and ripped. Why not? I've worked out in the past and noticed marginal results, but I've never been able to conquer my nutrition. I just love pizza and chicken fingers and Reese's and all the foods that aren't conducive to being ripped. If I want to ever achieve my dream of being ripped, I'm going to have to make a sacrifice when it comes to what I eat and how much I eat.

8. The biggest results in my life never come all at once. They come in increments as a result of small investments made intentionally day after day after day. Working out, running, working, making videos. I don't get ripped in one day, I don't run a marathon after one day of training, and I don't become a YouTube sensation by making one video. I can get ripped by working out every day for a year, I can run a marathon after months and months of training runs, and I might become a YouTube sensation after making hundreds (or thousands) of videos.

9. The only sports I really care about anymore are basketball and college football. I used to love baseball and a bunch of other sports, but not anymore. I love watching all forms of basketball (NBA, NCAA, high school, middle school, etc) and I love watching Auburn football. But I don't care about other NCAA football teams and I don't really love baseball like I used to. This means I can spend less time watching sports and more time investing in things that really matter to me.

10. My faith and my relationship with God are the most important things in my life. Without God and my faith in Him to be who He says He is and to do what He has promised to do gives me strength every day. It gets me out of bed and helps me close my eyes at night. I know many people in the world see it differently than I do, but my experiences have led me to this place of centered peace and joy.