WTF Twitter

I've been off social media (except for scheduling a few personal posts and managing accounts for work) since early December. It's been wonderful.

HOWEVER. I'm ready to admit that I miss Twitter.

I don't give a crap about your "candid" (bullcrap, you definitely posed) photos on Instagram (or your pointless boomerang). I really don't give a crap about your political opinions. If you were part of the press, I'd ban you from my White House Press Briefings too. πŸ˜‰Let's be real, Snapchat (especially stories) have been mortally wounded by Instagram Stories and it's only useful for the filters at this point (sometimes).

But Twitter.

It's the social network where people still try to add value to conversations. They try to say wise things. They try to say funny things. They share USEFUL (and REAL) links.

AND YET. The team at Twitter can't get their crap together enough to turn a profit and keep the company thriving. Such a let down. I hope Twitter is able to turn things around and maybe even develop a useful, relevant ad platform, but I'm not optimistic.

I joined Twitter in 2008 and I still want to use it. I stopped wanting to use Facebook years ago and Instagram is kind of like my red-headed step-brother. I hate him and I really hate his mom (Facebook) for enabling him.

Don't get me wrong, I know I'm dumping on these platforms, but there is still significant value to be found in each if used intentionally and correctly. Unfortunately, most people aren't doing that. So the platforms devolve in to what we see today:

Parents/Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles political opinions that no one listens to (Facebook)

"Influencers" (really just pretty people) getting paid to be half naked 67% of the time (Instagram)

Your boss trying to establish credibility and push his book (Twitter)

That friend who thinks he's funnier than he is creating a 20-minute long story (Snapchat)


We're so much better than this.