.1 Mile Further

I've been thinking about how to make consistent gains and progress when it comes to running. 

A simple thought crossed my mind last night.

What if I run .1 mile further tomorrow than I ran today?

If I run 0.1 mile today and increase my distance by 0.1 mile every day (which is doable) so that tomorrow's run is 0.2 miles, the next day is 0.3, and so on, then on December 31st  I would theoretically be running 18 miles.

It's exciting and inspiring to consider where you can be in a year or less if you commit to making small improvements every day. 

Qhat if you start doing push ups today and do 1 more pushup every day? The effects in those circumstances are compounding and by the end of the year you're closing in on doing close to 200 push ups every day. Imagine what that might do for your upper body strength!

Fractional improvements move mountains, make fat people skinny, and lead to life changing moments.

Do you have any habits already in place or that you're trying to build to make a difference in your life?

Daniel KosmalaComment