Breaking Point

What's your number?

This week I was expecting to pay a little under $1k to perform some repairs on my house as we're in the process of selling it.

My cost ended up being more than double my estimate.

Have you ever considered those kind of situations?

What would happen if you suddenly faced an unexpected number of expenses? I'm talking outlandish stuff.

House struck by lighting.
Unexpected pregnancy.
Cancer or other high cost medical bills.
Unforeseen repairs. 
Car accident (that's your fault).

What do you do when those kind of expenses pile up out of nowhere?

Yesterday, I talked about stockpiling fuel for moments when encounter a spark.

I wouldn't call all of these unforeseen expenses a spark, but I'd definitely consider it a fuel siphon.

I feel like I had some of my stockpiled fuel stolen from underneath my nose.

That should be cause for me to freak out. For my stress and anxiety levels to explode.

I definitely felt the urge to be overwhelmed, but after giving it some time and processing it all, I'm not.

I know we'll be just fine because I'm working every day to invest in myself, my family, and our future. We expect the worst and hope for the best.

That's changed everything for us.

Money is a renewable resource and it flows in cycles. While there's more cash going out the door now, I know it will come full circle, right back into my pocket in the future.

I'm working my butt off to ensure that my fuel stores are overflowing so that when the spark comes my way I'm ready for the wildfire of success coming with it.

Can you say the same?

Are you living with the mentality that spending $2K-10K on unforeseen expenses will break you? 

Or are you living with the mentality that it's a cycle and what goes will come back if you keep chipping away?

You mentality can make all the difference in these scenarios.

If you've never thought about this, maybe it's time to evaluate. Determine where you are. And move forward.

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