The Other Side of Fear

Many of us live our lives on one side of fear. The side that keeps us paralyzed. The side that warns us of the dangers of trying. The side that shows consequences and no reward.

But what's truly on the other side of our fears? Especially of our biggest fears? 

What actually would happen if you quit your job? If you spoke your mind to your oppressive boss? If you went up and talked to the stranger who caught your eye? If you told your family and friends that you hate what you do for a living and really want to do _______?

Those are the things that terrify us in to submission. They seem so simple when we write them out. Yet, they keep us paralyzed for years.

I don't think fear is nearly as menacing and dangerous as we've been led to believe. I think the consequences on the other side of fear are minimal compared to the potential upside.

What if quitting your job leads to starting the business you've always dreamed of? Or it leads to working for yourself? Or making a difference in your community? What if speaking your mind to your boss led him/her to respect you? Or to fire you and free you from the thing that's been holding you back anyway? What if that stranger become one of the most important people in your life? What if your family and friends loved you even more than they did before you told them your truth?

Fear can be healthy, but for most of us it's a disease.

Pick a small fear today and conquer it. I'd be willing to bet that you'll come out of it better than when you started.