Give Yourself an Unfair Advantage

Today's email content comes to you courtesy of @ipb_media (Media Conquistador) on Twitter. 

Two days ago he posted one of the best threads I've ever read on Twitter. There's a great narrative and story woven in to the tweets combined with a great call to action that left me feeling an energy that doesn't often come from social media.

I've taken the tweets and put them into text to make it easier for you to work through:

"Erik Prince is a former Navy Seal.
He founded the private security firm called Blackwater.
They contract out mercenaries to fight wars for armies, stock the private armies of billionaires, and provide security for enterprise in dangerous situations.

He started by working as a volunteer firefighters - which is a paramilitary career.
And also as an intern for several government administrations.
Later he enlisted in OCS and then went on to fight as a Navy Seal for years.

After honing this lethal combo - politics, strategy, and combat - he launched Blackwater.
Gained billions in government contracts.
Fighting all over the world.
His sister married into the influential DeVos family.
And he used his influence and connections to get ever more access.

Afterwards he created a logistics firm that helps businesses all over the world.
'Prince has a knack for showing up where history is being made.'
'Prince is a man of supreme connections.'
'His connections get his ideas in front of important people.'

He has now positioned himself as a logistics and combat presence in Africa and China.
If you know anything about geopolitics these are two of the largest, undeveloped markets on the planet. 
And is bound to reap massive benefits - financial and otherwise.

Regardless of how you feel about what he does...
this is a man who used his unfair advantage (combat and politics) to put himself in an unfair position to succeed.
This is a man who knows the power of being in the right place at the right time.

Regardless of how you feel about his career and what he does...
This is a guy you can learn from.
International influencer connected with heads of state.
And has the ear of almost any administration for military strategy - regardless of political affiliation.

You too can use positioning to win.
@thecadclub used his time in the nightlight scene to build a business empire and connect with the super wealthy.
@rationalmale used his passion for behaviorism and psychology to start a massive movement saving millions of men from mediocrity.
@goldmundunleashed is a guy who uses his passion for nature, photography, and his perception to hep men and bring an unreplicable and unique current into red pill awareness.
Use it to put yourself in an UNFAIR POSITION to succeed.

You have something you are better at than anyone else.
Something that you do.
That even on your worst day...
You can beat every man in a 1,000 mile radius.
Something that is totally effortless to you.

Take a good hard look at what you have an unfair advantage in and use it to dominate.
The best do not compete.
They dominate by placing themselves in a position where success is all but inevitable.

This is what 'do what you love' is stupid.
Use your unfair advantage to dominate and put yourself in that unfair position.
Then you will have an abundance of everything you could possibly want.
Then you can do what you love."

The thread continues on for a few more tweets, but he just restates things he has already said so I've covered the most important part.

What is your unfair advantage?