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One of the best things you can do via email marketing is to be memorable in one way or another. Some of my favorite email lists that I'm on are the ones that send me things I can use or consume without having to buy.

I don't just remember the emails, I remember who sends them, and how the emails made me feel. I have positive associations with emails from those brands because of the value they've provided me in the past. So if they were to ever sell me something, I'd be more receptive to their offer.

At my last few companies we would routinely send out free resources to our list like eBooks, excel templates, and PDF worksheets.

eBooks are great at getting people to give you an email address, but only a small fraction of the people who download them actually ever read them or implement the ideas they hold.

On the other hand, PDF worksheets perform very well because people download them and at least try to use them.

Better yet is that the people who downloaded and tried to use the PDFs tend to be more engaged because we helped them. Because our resource brought them tangible value in the form of something they could implement and use for weeks and months to come (with our branding front and center) they kept coming back for more.

In fact, at one company a PDF worksheet was so well received that we turned it into a larger product and sold it. We ended up generating 5-figures in revenue from one simple idea and some feedback.

Without us sending a free resource to start that chain of events, we might have never created the larger product and generated that revenue.

So send emails with value. Don't just give people things, give them things that will help them. Especially if you can help them achieve something specific and measurable. They'll remember that and associate it with your brand for a long time