Clarity = Quality > Quantity

How do you get your prospects to opt-in to your email list?

If you’re like most businesses it’s a transactional affair. You offer a benefit (resource, ebook, video, infographic, etc) and the prospect, if compelled, offers up an email address in order to get said benefit.

But that’s usually where things break down.

Most businesses are not clear up front about their intentions. They offer this incredible free resource, but fail to mention they’re going to annoy the tar out of you until you unsubscribe or they hit a chord that compels you enough to take a next step.

I think more businesses should state up front exactly what prospects are getting themselves into.

Instead of, “Get this free resource by filling out the form,” what if the copy said something more along the lines of:

“We’ve created this incredible free resource that will help you achieve X. But it’s just the first step in a number of steps we’ve put together to help you.

When you fill out the form to you’re right, you’ll not only receive your resource download, we’ll also follow up with some emails designed to help you get the most out of the resource and then share how else we might be able to help you.”

Just that extra bit of transparency could dramatically increase the quality of your leads.

If you wanted to go even further you could lay out how all of this is going to work and where the conversation is headed.

But there’s a trade-off here.

The more clarity you provide, the less prospects you’re going to have. Less people will opt-in to your communications.

In theory that sounds bad, BUT by providing this clarity you’re adding another layer of qualification to these leads as they come in. They know they’re going to get communication beyond a free resource and they’re willing to hear you out.

Those leads are automatically warmer than the people who just want the free resource and nothing more.

You’re preventing unsubscribes before they happen OR you’re encouraging people to get their resource and then disqualify themselves quicker in the process. You spend less time working with leads who will never convert. That's a win.

Taking these extra steps makes you appear more honest, responsible, and trustworthy, and it helps narrow your list down to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer that isn’t free.

You can do whatever you want, but most things are worth testing once, right?

If an increase in clarity means an increase in the effectiveness of your nurture and sales campaigns because you’re reaching the right people is it a bad thing to bring in less leads?