Are you selling to the right people?

One of the only reasons I ever get on Facebook is to look at pictures. Mostly stuff that my own wife posts, but it's nice to get little updates here and there about other family too.

Otherwise, Facebook is a black hole where the majority of people just throw away their time and money.

The worst part of that black hole is the people you went to high school or college with who graduated, got a job, and then realized they hate their life. One way or another, they got caught up in the romantic ideal of being your own boss and soon got sucked into a pyramid scheme. 

These days we call it MLM (Multi-level Marketing)...but it's still just a pyramid scheme with an actual product of some sort. Regardless, these people are schilling these products they don't actually care about to all of their friends and family.

Because they don't actually know how to sell.

That's why most of them join these MLM opportunities, post about it non-stop for a few months and then when all of their friends and family that care about them have bought...they fade away.

The people who are willing to support them have been tapped out. Everyone else DGAF about what they're selling AND they've likely unfollowed a while ago.

Because they suck at selling. And they wonder why things aren't working. It worked for a little while and then stopped. What happened?

The problem here is that there was never any thought beyond being their own boss and having "freedom". They never stopped to consider who their target market is. They never stopped to consider how to position the product. They never stopped to consider that customers don't care about features, they care about the results it will provide them.

I think if any of these people who got sucked into an MLM were even an average sales person that they could support themselves selling these ridiculous products.

They're just not doing anything other than tapping their existing contacts. They aren't goin where their targets are (Facebook Mom Groups), they aren't investing in prospecting (running cheap FB ads), and they have no brand of any sort. 

If you go where your audience is and you sell them on how this product will "benefit" them...they'll buy. Most people react to things just like animals. Their impulses control them.

Manipulate their impulses and you're in business.

But, you have to know your market and where to find them. If you don't do that, then you're wasting everyone's time.

Please don't show this email to any of your friends who sell MLM products because the last thing we need is more of those people on our Facebook feeds. But then again, if they had any idea what they were doing...we probably wouldn't see much of them in our feeds to begin with.

Too bad most of them will just do the same thing over and over again and never actually learn how to sell.

For now, I'll just continue unfollowing/unfriending them.