There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things.

One of my favorite lines of dialogue comes from my favorite TV show of all time, The Office.

Sure, after Steve Carrell left it wasn’t quite the same. Regardless of what you think of those final seasons without Michael Scott, the last episode is worth watching if you’ve never seen it.

The very last line is one of the main characters narrating that final line, “there’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things, isn’t that kinda the point?”

Most days my life feels very ordinary. I wake up. Take my son to daycare. Work. Pick my son up from daycare. Play with my son. Cook. Clean. Read. etc. 

I know I do some non-ordinary things, but to me it can feel run of the mill.

I think this happens to all of us.

But what most people seem to forget is that just because it’s ordinary doesn’t mean it’s not wonderful.

What may be ordinary to you may be extraordinary to someone else.

When you’re writing website copy or sales emails, you would do well to remember this anecdote.

Most of the time, my sales emails start with a personal anecdote. 

It might be something completely ordinary like talking about the time I spent on my back porch sipping bourbon this weekend while I cooking on the grill.

Or it might be about the moment this weekend when my son took a sip of water, started laughing, accidentally spit water all over me, and then we couldn't stop laughing and gasping for air in the moments leading up to his bed time.

Ordinary moments to me.

But to others?

Relatable. Compelling. Engaging.

Just because something seems average to you doesn’t mean it will come across that way when you share the story with others who haven’t heard it and need to.

This week as you’re prospecting with potential clients or putting together a blog post or writing a sales email try sharing something from your life that seems ordinary and relatable. Then tie it in with your call to action or objective and see what happens.