Broke. Woke. Bespoke.

If you aren’t up to date on culture, then please read this before proceeding with the rest of my post:

I see these kind of memes all over Twitter on a daily basis, but people have now taken them a step further to: broke, woke, and bespoke

Bespoke is a step beyond the enlightenment of woke.

With that said, the reason for telling you all of this is to break down copywriting in these simplistic terms.

Broke: Subjective copywriting. It’s easy. It’s just your opinion or internal perspective. Your mom does this on Facebook when she talks about how great you and your company are.

Woke: Objective copywriting. It’s slightly challenging because you can’t use superlatives or internal opinions in the copy. It’s a truthful communication of who/what the brand is and why they exist. 

Bespoke: Objective copywriting that’s done for you using the words of your customers. Use this to communicate exactly how you’ve helped customers and the results customers get when using your product/service.

Now you know.