Would you be missed?

If customers had to stop using your product or service tomorrow, would they miss you?

Answer this question honestly in whatever context bet suits you.

If you stopped going to work tomorrow, would they miss you? Would your coworkers notice? Would they miss your personality? Would they miss your work output?

Or would they be fine without you?

On a bigger scale, what would happen if your company stopped existing today? If you could no longer serve your customers, would they miss you?

If they miss you, would they miss you for a long time? Or would they get over it in a day or so before finding resolution in one of competitors?

These are the things that drive me everyday to be better than the day before.

I want the impact I leave personally and professionally to be lasting. My goal is that if I stopped existing that people would miss me for decades. I know that's true of my family, but I want it to be true of anyone that comes into contact with me.

I want it to be true of my coworkers.

I want it to be true of the work I do.

I believe it takes time and consistent effort, but it's worth it.

What are you doing today so that you will be missed more tomorrow?