Verifiable /= Quantifiable

All copywriting should be verifiable.

That does NOT mean that all copywriting should be quantifiable (although that’s great if you can quantify it).

I had an exchange on Twitter the other day with someone who was incensed that I would not call out a particular company for being dishonest because they claimed their product increased trust. His reasoning being that trust is not verifiable.

But, what he was trying to say is that trust is not quantifiable.

Verifiable: able to be checked or demonstrated to be true, accurate, or justified

Quantifiable: able to be expressed or measured as a quantity

You can absolutely verify trust in a product. It is called positive customer reviews. In theory you could quantify trust through the number of positive customer reviews, but it’s an inexact science.

Copywriting should be verifiable. You cannot verify that you have the “best product ever,” or “the easiest platform to use in the universe.” Your copy will benefit from more honesty and less hyperbole. It is far more likely “great product” or an “easy-to-use platform,” which you can verify through social proof like customer reviews.

Your copy will also benefit from more objectivity and less subjective opinions from within the company. Too often copy is written with an internal bias. Be objective and, if you can, allow your customers to speak for you. There's nothing quite as effective as social proof when it comes to talk about your product.

Be more honest with your copy this week. And forever.